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Terrestrial worked with an inspiring collective of people with experiences of addiction, to create a powerful live show.

We came to Weston-Super-Mare and spent time listening to what mattered to people living there, and which stories people wanted to share. As a result, we started a partnership with Addaction, North Somerset’s primary charity for addiction support services, and offered them creative workshops.

Artists Ania Varez, Clare Reynolds (Co-Director of Restoke), and Tom Spencer hosted workshops for several months exploring dance, music and personal storytelling. From these drop-in sessions, a group formed and grew into a strong, ambitious team of collaborators who led the creative decisions for the project.

For the Terrestrial Festival in Weston-Super-Mare (November 2019), we took over an empty unit in the shopping center - the group covered the walls with their original writing and filled the space with bold and emotive dance, which they shared in front of their communities in two sold out shows.

Original Music by Paul Rogerson

Design & Lighting by Ben Pacey

Photos by Paul Blakemore

Film by Black Cat Films


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