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On the trails of Sukadan

An installation that invites people living in the city of Taipei to recognise the existence of the Truku tribe and to connect to one of its members, Sitma. It relies on the experience of the body and the use of songs as tools to enable attention, creating a space where participants are first invited to listen and later to approach a reply that can hold and recognise the other.


Sitma once drew a map, the map reflects the trails of Sukadan that she knows since childhood, a different map from the one shared by the National Park. Her drawing is all across the floor. Everyone comes into the room and covers the lines of the map with rice, placing one grain of rice at the time. Whilst they cover the map, they listen to a voice teaching them a song and it’s meaning. At the end of the recording, Sitma’s voice appears and each person has the opportunity to sing along with her. I record their voices from the outside, and bring them back to Taroko, as a gift for Simat.


With narration from Shang Li.

Written statement and voice by Sitma.

Concept by Ania Varez.


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