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Reggaetón Ceilidh

Looking for a DIY and joyful metaphor for migration, Ania created this participatory dance performance by mixing together their two favorite social dances: the communal Ceilidh which they encountered in the UK, and Reggaetón, a sexually explicit, unashamed and playful dance style from their native Latin America. 

Ania brings together the strengths of the Ceilidh (a communal and relational dance led by a caller who guides participants to carry out collective movements), and the strengths of the Reggaetón (which is exuberant, sensual and liberating) to support diverse individuals to dance together with others – including those who might believe they ‘can’t dance’, and/or who might normally feel too much shyness or shame to do so in public.


Here everyone is invited to embrace their sensuality, silliness and awkwardness as we practice our ability to celebrate different parts of ourselves and meet each other somewhere in the middle.

Photos and recording By Henri T.

Taken during Soft Butch Bristol, 09/11/22

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